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Go Green with Sustainable Residential Resources in Asheville, NC

Help the planet and shave dollars off your home electric bill when you opt for renewable resources as your main energy choice. Whether you decide to utilize solar or wind power, Baker Renewable Energy is your primary green energy source in Asheville, NC. Our sustainability engineers are available to help you decide which renewable resource is best for you, and then provide comprehensive maintenance services post-installation to keep your green energy systems running like the day they did when they were implemented.

Our parent company, Baker Roofing, has maintained more than 100 years of business experience, and recognizes that nothing will make them succeed more than customer service. We have taken care to pass that mindset onto all of our skilled technicians, engineers and customer service representatives, which has resulted in repeat residential and commercial customers.

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Baker Renewable Energy: Providing Multiple Alternative Energy Choices

If you’re interested in renewable wind resources for your home, our engineers can install wind turbines for your green energy needs. Asheville wind turbines work much like enlarged pinwheels, harnessing the wind’s kinetic energy to fuel your home in viable areas. They can be used for a wide range of tasks, from charging a battery to becoming your primary residential renewable resource.

Asheville’s solar power is also a good choice for home energy needs. Baker Renewable Energy’s technicians can install solar panels, also known as photovoltaics, on your roof and in your yard for enhanced energy-capturing capabilities. You can also opt to add inverters that transfer raw energy into a suitable AC current for your home.

Solar power can also be used to heat water for your Asheville residence. Solar thermal collectors are installed on your roof, and then connected with storage tanks to hold your naturally heated water. Opting to use solar resources for your hot water needs can reduce your energy bill by 25 percent.

Take steps toward lowering your home energy bill today by asking Baker Renewable Energy’s sustainable energy teams about our wind and solar power options. Call our Asheville green energy office today at 877-664-6961 or visit our contact page to request a complimentary energy assessment.

Baker Renewable Energy provides sustainable energy solutions to residential and commercial customers in NC, SC, TN, VA and FL.