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Nov 14

SC Solar Council Spotlight: Riverbanks Zoo

Riverbanks Zoo solar array on the welcome center. In August, the SC Solar Council was invited to participate in a conference focused on energy efficiency and renewable energy for K-6 teachers in Richland and Lexington school districts. For three hours, teachers learned about solar energy; including types of solar energy,... read more →
Jul 29

Why North Carolina Is a Leader in Solar

It’s not just the tourists on beaches that are happy the sun is shining down on North Carolina. The booming solar energy industry in our state is also thankful for the nearly 250 days per year of sunshine. It wasn’t an accident of nature though that has made North Carolina... read more →
Jul 27

Solar Powered TVs and Coffee Makers?

Do you remember as a kid when you had a solar powered watch, or the bobble-heads that only worked with the lights on? That technology has been around a long, long time it seems, but it hasn’t yet translated to universal light-powered appliances in every home. Let’s take a look... read more →
Jul 25

How Solar Panels Affect Homeowner’s Insurance

Increasingly, “going green” by installing solar is not just a fad but a reality that many home and business owners across the nation have chosen - for both financial and moral reasons. Installing solar panels is not only a great way to take a positive action for the environment, but... read more →
Jul 20

Did You Know: Solar Panels Can Help Keep Your Home Cool

As the heat of the North Carolina summer is in full force, people are doing whatever they can to keep cool. The air-conditioning in homes and businesses is working overtime as the state sees 90 plus degree temperatures nearly daily. More and more often, the energy used to cool these... read more →
Jul 14

Solar & Batteries: What To Know

Solar power is growing by leaps and bounds and making a positive impact on how American energy consumers use electricity. One area that has lagged a bit though, is how to solve the problem of the “peak solar” times and the “peak demand” times not overlapping. Solar panels produce a... read more →
Jul 01

Is Google’s Project Sunroof A Solar Gamechanger?

One really exciting reality of the solar boom, is how so many major companies are contributing to the innovation. Elon Musk’s Tesla introduced the Powerwall, which advances solar battery storage technology, and now Google, among many others, is chipping-in, as well. Google developed a very user-friendly source for consumer-specific solar... read more →
Jun 19

Business & Solar in North Carolina: Three Reasons

If you’re a business owner in North Carolina and considering switching to solar, here are three of many reasons why business and solar are a great match. First, solar power can save you money. According to Energy Sage, the average commercial property owner paid $1,950 in monthly electricity bills before... read more →
Jun 08

What to do with solar panels when you move?

You have a beautiful solar array on your property that you’re very happy with, but now you’re moving! What do you do? With more people installing solar panels at their homes and businesses, it’s a question that was bound to come up. Before going any further, it’s important to note,... read more →
Apr 27

What kind of solar cells does Baker use?

The technology in solar panels has made great progress in recent years and will continue to for the foreseeable future. It is an exciting time to be working in this field, and Baker Renewable Energy is right at the cutting-edge of the Southeast’s solar energy market. People who are... read more →