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Apr 22

Introducing Baker’s Solar Campus. Happy Earth Day!

  This Earth Day Baker Renewable Energy is proud to announce the installation over 335kW of solar modules and 3 solar thermal systems on our campus. This power is primarily used on-site with excess sold back to the grid, or net-metered. The size of this installation will reduce... read more →
Apr 21
Apr 05

The different types of home solar modules

So, after weighing the environmental and economic benefits, you’ve decided to go solar. With one decision out of the way, it’s time to make another one – which solar modules (also called solar panels in popular culture) are best suited for your home and energy needs? Below, you will find... read more →
Mar 28

Solar Power and Social Media Power

On December 3rd, 2015, the tiny North Carolina town of Woodland held a council meeting that would quickly bring it to the forefront of national scrutiny and social media mockery. In this council meeting, the town council voted to support a proposal that rejected zoning land for a solar... read more →
Mar 22

Seeing A Return On Your Solar Investment

With solar energy growing in popularity and practice, many families have gone solar or are considering it. Solar energy offers the obvious environmental benefit of relying on the sun to heat and cool the home as opposed to coal-powered electricity. The average American non-solar home, for example, emits 16,000... read more →
Mar 18

Soaking Up Some Sun: Solar Spring Break

Students from across the US have found the perfect way to spend their spring break – by participating with GRID Alternatives in the Solar Spring Break project. Students travel to underserved communities around the world, including California, Colorado, New York, Nicaragua, and Washington DC, where they install solar for... read more →
Mar 14

Spring Cleaning – Don’t Forget The Solar Panels!

With welcome warmer weather, it’s likely your list of things to do for Spring-cleaning is taking shape. While you’re cleaning the gutters, making sure the lawn mower is ready, and stowing heavy winter jackets in the attic, don’t forget to schedule a solar contractor to clean your solar panels.... read more →
Feb 29

Charging Your Electric Vehicle with Solar Power

The shift away from fossil fuels has required ingenuity, patience, and an unwillingness to settle by both consumers and scientists. A next-step, if you will, in the movement towards a 100% renewable-powered society is on the cusp of becoming mainstream: utilizing solar power at home to charge electric vehicles... read more →
Feb 22

Saving Money with Passive Solar Design

A home with solar panels is already more energy efficient than it once was, and utilizing passive solar home design can make such a home even more efficient and pass cost-cutting onto the homeowners. Passive solar home design takes into account a home’s building site, climate, and materials in... read more →
Feb 11

Creative Residential Home Solar Panel Designs

The increase in popularity of renewable energy has spawned some creative solar panel designs on homes. As more and more Americans are lessening their carbon footprint and saving money with solar energy, architects and designers are finding creative ways to make solar panels more attractive. You would be amazed... read more →