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Sep 03

Driver 8 – Explaining Renewable Energy

An interesting thing happens when you explain the nitty-gritty of the renewable energy industry to people over lunch. I am often reminded that most people think we are just hanging modules in fields or on roofs doing installations. They don’t often realize that we are constantly dealing with the... read more →
Sep 01

Solar Financial Evaluation

Evaluating a solar project is multifaceted and includes important factors such as available ground or roof space, technology selection, building electrical infrastructure and demand, shading, and cost. But at the end of the day, project feasibility usually comes down to what can be a fairly complex financial decision. And... read more →
Aug 25

Solar, A Joint Venture

Over the past few decades, and more noticeably during the 21st century solar has evolved. While the technology behind photovoltaics remains true to its beginning, the installations and client base has progressed past its grassroots origins. As PV installation costs have fallen over the past decade, PV systems have... read more →
Aug 20

More Bang For Your Buck? Solar PV or Solar Thermal?

Until now, solar thermal systems have been considered the most economical renewable energy system to install on your home. For systems that produce a comparable amount of energy, the solar thermal the equipment is less expensive, the installations take less time and the technology is about 60-70% more efficient... read more →
Aug 17

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Most of the general population is becoming familiar with solar, how it works and what to expect from their investment. It is important to understand as this industry grows, what is necessary for this sector to see maturity. While construction has been has been occurring since the beginning of... read more →
Aug 15
Aug 12

Solar Installers Band Together on Crucial Tax Credit Issue

North Carolina has become one of the Nation’s leaders in implementation of solar energy power generation on homes, businesses, and schools alike.  However, continued growth and development in clean power generation is being challenged by the expiration of a crucial tax credit (the Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credit) that... read more →
Jul 15

Solar Powered Gadgets — Not Just The Home

With solar power becoming a more commonplace source of power for homeowners, it only makes sense that solar power is being harnessed to power things other than a home’s heating and cooling systems. Below is a list of some unique solar powered gadgets that show off the range, freedom... read more →