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Intrepid Alternative Energy Solutions in Charleston, SC

Make your home or business eligible for federal and state tax incentives by installing a sustainable energy system from Baker Renewable Energy in Charleston, SC. Our founding company, Baker Roofing, has more than 100 years of business experience, which equates to the highest caliber of customer service and products.

Our Charleston sustainable energy contractors are skilled at installing wind turbines, solar panels and solar collectors to offset your electric bills, and lessen your environmental footprint. Baker Renewable Energy is capable of adding the following supplemental energy sources to your property in Charleston:

  • Wind turbines: Available for residential, commercial and industrial customers, turbines yoke existing wind energy to aid with your energy bills.
  • Solar hot water: Baker Renewable Energy can connect solar collectors to tanks to create an efficient hot water system that is suitable for anything from personal use up to fueling electric hot water heaters.
  • Solar panels: Also known as photovoltaics, our Charleston solar panels can convert the sun’s energy into power for your home or business. Customers can also sell surplus energy back to the existing utility grid for added savings.
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Eco-Friendly Renewable Resources are Now Available from Baker Renewable Energy

If you want to save money while going green, there is no better solution than investing in high-quality alternative energy systems. Get started today by calling Baker Renewable Energy’s Charleston office at (877) 664-6961 to schedule a free energy assessment for your home or business.

Baker Renewable Energy installs wind and solar power energy systems for residential and commercial properties in Charleston and Columbia, SC, as well as Raleigh, Wilmington and Greensboro, NC.