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Renewable Green Energy for Commercial Properties in Charleston, NC

Put money back into your business by installing a commercial alternative energy system from Baker Renewable Energy in Charleston, SC. With more than 100 years of business experience through our parent entity, Baker Roofing, the green energy team at Baker Renewable Energy encapsulates all of the qualities you’d want from a business-to-business deal. Those characteristics include durable products, knowledgeable contractors, friendly service and comprehensive maintenance packages.

Our solar power experts are skilled in installing solar panels, as well as informing you of any tax incentives or predictable savings you might be eligible for through your Charleston commercial green energy system. Baker Renewable Energy can place solar panels on your roof or property, where they then collect and store renewable energy emitted by the sun. Adding solar panels can act as an insurance policy against potential rising energy rates, as you’ll have your own energy stores to pull from. You may also be able to turn a profit with your Charleston solar panels, if you choose to sell excess energy stores back to the utility grid.

Solar collectors can also prove to be useful for your commercial energy needs. Generally used in conjunction with water tanks, solar collectors can heat water for electric hot water heaters, hotel showers, car washes, restaurants and more. Installing a solar hot water system can reduce your annual domestic hot water usage by up to 80 percent.

Additionally, wind power may be the Charleston commercial alternative energy resource you’re looking for. Wind turbines can provide 100 kilowatts of energy that can be used to fuel your commercial building in the form of what we call “community wind.” Larger businesses, such as power plants, may drastically benefit from wind turbine farms, which are capable of harnessing 400 megawatts of power.

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Commercial Alternative Energy Solutions in Charleston

Consider adding renewable resources to your commercial energy plan with help from the expert contractors at Baker Renewable Energy. Call our Charleston solar and wind power teams today at 877-664-6961 to schedule your complimentary commercial energy consultation.

Baker Renewable Energy is Charleston’s top choice for commercial alternative energy, and services several other areas in the Carolinas as well.