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Eco-Friendly Residential Green Energy Systems in Charleston, SC

Turn green energy into money in your wallet when you invest in Baker Renewable Energy’s environmentally friendly alternative energy systems for your Charleston, SC residential property. With more than 100 years of business experience from our parent company Baker Roofing, you can be sure that you’ll be receiving top-notch services, high-quality products and unmatched savings on your electric bills.

When you hear the term “renewable resource,” a lot of people may automatically think of solar panels. While solar power continues to be an extremely viable sustainable energy source, Baker Renewable Energy has expanded our Charleston energy systems to include a variety of other green solutions. Our residential sustainable energy sources include the following offerings in Charleston:

  • Wind turbine: Using the same principle as a pinwheel on a larger scale, Baker Renewable Energy’s wind turbines harness naturally occurring energy to fuel everything from a battery charger to a residential building.
  • Solar power: Also known as photovoltaics, our Charleston solar panels capture the sun’s power and store it in crystalline solar cells. Residential users can continue to store surplus solar energy, or sell it back to the utility grid for a profit.
  • Solar hot water: Made possible through solar collectors on your roof, hot water is heated through the sun’s rays for personal use or to run electric hot water heaters.
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Go Green on Your Residential Charleston Property Today

Save some money and become environmentally conscious by opting to install a green energy system on or around your home. Check out some of our client reviews on past projects, and then call the Charleston alternative energy experts at Baker Renewable Energy at 877-664-6961 today.

Add solar or wind power to your residential property plan with help from Baker Renewable Energy, serving clients in Charleston and Columbia, SC , as well as several other communities in NC.