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Convert from traditional energy solutions to reliable, more cost-effective ones that harness the Earth’s natural resources for your residential or commercial needs. Baker Renewable Energy strives to provide affordable, yet high-functioning renewable resource systems for homes and businesses in Columbia, SC, allowing for maximized energy savings and reduced carbon footprints across the community. With more than 100 years of business experience through our parent company, Baker Roofing, we’ll exceed your highest customer service expectations, regardless of the size of your alternative energy project.

Baker Renewable Energy’s technicians and engineers can install the following sustainable energy systems for homes and businesses in Columbia:

  • Wind turbines. Reminiscent of a child’s pinwheel on a much larger scale, Baker Renewable Energy’s turbines harness the wind’s raw kinetic energy, and funnel it back into your home or community.
  • Solar power. Our solar panels (also known as voltaics) harvest and store the sun’s rays and, when paired with an inverter, convert that energy into an AC current for immediate use.
  • Solar hot water. Whether you want to use hot water for personal showers or commercial car washes, Baker Renewable Energy’s solar thermal collectors use the sun’s power to heat water, which can then be held in storage tanks.
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Create an Eco-Friendly Property with Solar & Wind Power Energy Solutions

When considering how to rework your utility bill budgets, put some thought into Baker Renewable Energy’s fleet of wind turbines, solar panels and solar thermal collectors. No matter the choice, you’ll save money long-term, and offer positive environmental contributions. Call our Columbia solar and wind power teams today at 877-664-6961, or visit our contact page to request a complimentary residential or commercial energy assessment.

Baker Renewable Energy is your wind and solar energy solution in Columbia, Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC, as well as Jacksonville and Orlando, FL.