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Incorporate Eco-Friendly Energy Systems into Your Business Plan in Columbia, SC

Lower your utility bills and add money back into your business’s budget with Baker Renewable Energy’s sustainable solar and wind power energy solutions. Our Columbia, SC renewable energy plans have been documented to lower monthly bills while also reducing environmental footprints.

Not convinced about our commercial alternative energy designs? Baker Renewable Energy takes care to involve both home and business owners in our energy systems process for enhanced client understanding of how everything works. Our engineers start your feasibility study by gathering data from your commercial property to best determine the most effective green energy solution for your day-to-day needs. We will check everything from land inclination levels, ground orientation and estimated system costs –– and base it all on an ROI rate of 20-plus years.

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Comprehensive Columbia Alternative Energy Solutions from Baker Renewable Energy

After our green energy technicians have completed their ground research, they will recommend one or more of the following renewable resource systems for your business in Columbia:

  • Wind turbines. These are effective in harnessing large quantities of wind energy for your business or community –– sometimes as much as 400 megawatts, in the instance of a commercial wind farm. Community wind turbines can generate up to 100 kilowatts of power.
  • Solar power. One of the most commonly recognized forms of alternative energy, solar panels (or photovoltaics) take energy distributed by the sun and store it for your commercial use.
  • Solar hot water. If you own a car wash, hotel, gym or another type of business that uses large quantities of water, this could be your ideal investment. Solar thermal collectors work by using the sun’s rays to heat and then store water in specialized tanks.

Additionally, all of our commercial energy solutions come with customized maintenance and operational packages to ensure they are effective for years to come.

Call our Columbia green energy experts at Baker Renewable Energy today at 877-664-6961 to request your complimentary commercial energy assessment, or read through some of our previous business case studies for more information.

Baker Renewable Energy brings alternative energy solutions to businesses in Columbia, Charleston and Myrtle Beach, SC, as well as Memphis and Nashville, TN.