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Customized Residential Wind & Solar Solutions in Columbia, SC from Baker Renewable Energy

Enjoy lowered energy bills and an increased eco-friendly presence by investing in Baker Renewable Energy’s sustainable residential energy systems. Contrived of a combination of wind and solar renewable resources, our Columbia, SC alternative energy solutions are a result of tailored systems calibrated specifically for your home. Through our parent company, Baker Roofing, we have more than 100 years of business experience, which results in heightened customer awareness and high-quality green energy products that you won’t find anywhere else.

Unsure of which Columbia energy solution is right for your home? Baker Renewable Energy’s engineers are specially trained in evaluating your property to determine the best and most-effective alternative energy system to meet your needs. We’ll also advise you on available residential financing plans, so that you can use renewable resources without breaking the bank.

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Different Energy Systems to Fit Your Columbia Residential Energy Use Patterns

Baker Renewable Energy installs solar panels and solar thermal collectors in Columbia homes, optimizing the sun’s intensity for residential energy gains. Our crystalline panels (also known as photovoltaics) capture the sun’s rays and convert them into AC electricity so it can be used to accommodate your home’s daily energy needs, including heating water for everyday tasks. Any excess solar energy can be sold back to the local utility grid for a profit.

Long viewed as a continuous source of natural energy, wind can now be harvested for your home energy plans with the help of wind turbines. Turbines turn the wind’s power into electricity using a series of motors, which results in lower residential energy consumption, as reliant on the local utility companies.

Regardless of your residential green energy choice, Baker Renewable Energy is confident our alternative energy products will be advantageous in lowering your monthly energy bills. Call our Columbia renewable resource engineers today at 877-664-6961 or contact us online to schedule your complimentary residential energy assessment.

Baker Renewable Energy is Columbia, SC’s primary resource for alternative energy systems, and also services communities in NC, GA, FL, TN and VA.