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Energizing the school system with sustainability options

Educational institutions are leading the sustainable energy charge with the adoption of solar and wind power. The support of communities, educators and academic institutions at all levels across the Southeast has allowed this region to become a leader in renewable alternative energy and sustainability. From elementary schools to private universities, educators are collaborating with green energy renewable installations to promote the long-term benefits of wind and solar energy in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. With the ability to capture, not only sunlight, actual data from solar energy systems data monitoring, institutions are given the opportunity to provide students insight into renewable energy that can be explained and expanded on throughout math, science and computer technology courses. We work across the Southeast U.S. in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and across the South.

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Bringing solar and wind power into the classroom

Data monitoring information is being used across various educational outlets to allow for optimal and comprehensive learning for students. Whether it is math, science, data tracking or computer science, students have the ability to understand solar power and wind power from many different perspectives.

Hands on experience with renewable energy systems

Wind turbines, Solar and Solar thermal systems act as an important demonstration tool, aiding in the real-world training of installation and service ‘best practices’ in a safe and controlled environment to be utilized by educational institutions from elementary schools to universities.

Institutions leading sustainability by example

Collaborating with Wind for Schools allowed Baker Renewable Energy to introduce teachers and students to wind energy, and equip college juniors and seniors with an education in wind energy applications, and engaging communities in wind energy applications, benefits and challenges.

Education about the future of power generation

Renewable energy data monitoring can be used for a variety of educational purposes, ranging from K-12 education to workforce development to continuing education for experienced professionals. This tool affords students the opportunity to develop skills learned in the classroom through real-world experiences.

Solar & Wind Power for Schools

From solar energy canopies and solar thermal roof top installations to wind turbines, Baker Renewable Energy features a wide variety of projects customized and integrated specifically for educational institutions.

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