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All-Encompassing Residential Green Energy Solutions in Greensboro, NC

What if we told you that you could potentially earn money just by installing renewable energy systems on your Greensboro, NC  residential property? Baker Renewable Energy’s alternative energy solutions can store extra energy that you don’t need, making those stores eligible to be sold back to existing utility grids at a profit to you. Combined with our parent company, Baker Roofing, we have more than 100 years of business experience, which we are proud to pass on to our residential clients in the form of unbeatable customer service, innovative products and intrepid green energy systems.

Baker Renewable Energy’s Greensboro sustainable resources teams are skilled in implementing a number of residential clean energy systems, including those powered by solar energy and wind. If you aren’t sure which kind would work best for your energy consumption patterns, our contractors can help. We offer the following green energy systems in Greensboro:

  • Wind power: Harnessing what already freely blows around us, Baker Renewable Energy’s wind turbines capture natural, sustainable energy and convert it into electricity for your home.
  • Solar panels: Also known as photovoltaics, our crystalline panels pair with inverters to transition the sun’s rays into AC power to run through your home.
  • Solar hot water: Don’t worry about high energy bills when you want a long shower. Our solar collectors heat water and hold it in a tank until you’re ready to use it.
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Extensive Residential Alternative Energy Sources with Baker Renewable Energy

Don’t let your energy bills get out of hand. Put that money back in your pocket by calling Baker Renewable Energy’s green energy contractors at 877-664-6961 to schedule your free residential energy assessment today.

Baker Renewable Energy installs green energy systems for residential and commercial properties in Greensboro, Greenville and Raleigh, NC, as well as Roanoke, Richmond and Norfolk, VA.