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Cutting-Edge Alternative Energy Solutions in Greenville, NC

If your electricity habits or older water heaters are sucking too much money out of your monthly home or business budget, it may be time to consider installing a green energy system from a local and reputable energy company. Baker Renewable Energy has more than 100 years of business experience through our parent company, Baker Roofing, and takes the utmost care of customers, no matter how small or how large the Greenville, NC alternative energy project.

If you aren’t sure which renewable energy system best fits your budget or needs, our team of specialized sustainable engineers and technicians can help. We’ll meet with you to discuss your goals, assess your property and advise you on alternative energy equipment placement. Baker Renewable Energy also offers extensive maintenance and operational packages, so you can be sure that your green energy solution will be effective for years to come.

Baker Renewable Energy installs solar panels (also known as photovoltaics), solar thermal collectors and wind turbines in Greenville, NC, as well as in several other communities across the Southeast, for residential and commercial customers. Suitable for everything from charging batteries, to offsetting community energy costs and fueling entire buildings, Baker Renewable Energy’s sustainable Greenville energy solutions are ideal for almost every kind of client.

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Fiscally Responsible Green Energy Systems in Greenville from Baker Renewable Energy

Utilizing green energy sources won’t just save you money –– they may help you earn money as well. Installing wind or solar power solutions can make you eligible for local, state and/or federal tax rebate incentive programs. Harnessing your excess solar or wind energy stores may prove to be profitable as well, as you can sell those energy assets back to the local utility grids at a profit.

Link your sustainable energy goals with your commercial or residential energy budgets by considering Baker Renewable Energy’s wide array of alternative solutions. Call our wind and solar power Greenville engineers today at 877-664-6961, or contact us online to request your free residential or commercial energy assessment.

Baker Renewable Energy supplies solar and wind power systems to residential and commercial clients in Greenville, Wilmington, Raleigh and Charlotte, NC, as well as Norfolk, Richmond, Harrisonburg and Roanoke, VA.