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Great Alternative Solar & Wind Energy Solutions in Memphis, TN

Baker Renewable Energy’s residential and commercial customers in Memphis, Tennessee are decreasing their energy bills by utilizing the natural energy that’s provided by the planet. Are you ready to introduce a viable, renewable solar or wind energy solution for your home or business?

Baker Renewable Energy’s, Baker Roofing, has been in business over 100 years, focusing on the importance of customer service and superior products. When considering an alternative energy solution, we believe in including our customers in every step of the process. We help choose the best green energy solution, offer our extensive maintenance services and educate you on how to potentially earn a refund from utility companies.

Our Orlando “green team” is well versed in installing the following alternative energy systems:

Wind turbines. Our wind turbines can produce hundreds of kilowatts or megawatts of power (depending on the type of wind turbine) by harnessing wind gusts. Wind power is ideal for a number of energy tasks, from powering a simple battery to an entire building.

Solar power. Crystalline solar panels (also known as photovoltaics) can be placed on roofs or elsewhere on your home or business, capturing the energy the sun provides. From there it’s converted into currents that can run directly into your home or business. Excess stored energy from the panels can be sold directly back to the local utility grid for a profit.

Solar hot water. Business that use a lot of hot water-a car wash, hotel, or gym for example-could benefit greatly from this ideal green energy investment. Solar thermal collectors coupled with storage tanks can hold as much hot water as you need.

More Green (Energy) is Available at the Memphis Baker Renewable Energy Location 

Think green for the environment and put green in your wallet by working with your local Baker Renewable Energy representative Call our Memphis office today at 877-664-6961, or visit our contact page to request more information, including a no-cost residential or commercial energy assessment.

Baker Renewable Energy completes sustainable energy system projects for commercial and residential customers in NC, SC, VA, TN and FL.

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