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Operations & Maintenance

Commercial Solar System Maintenance

Baker Renewable Energy offers operations & maintenance of existing commercial solar installations.  We help you to get the most out of your renewable energy investment by properly maintaining, optimizing, and fixing your system.   We will regularly inspect your system and provide detailed feedback about your system status and any work or optimizations that we may recommend.

Minimize Downtime

Having a agreement in place to provide regular inspections and maintenance will help to identify potential issues so they can be quickly addressed.

System Optimization

We are not just looking for problems but we will look for inefficiencies or potential upgrades to your system.  Some might be easy optimizations, others may take a little planning.

System Upgrades

Do you have an aging system that may need moderate to major upgrades? Baker Renewable Energy offers existing system evaluations and improvements to get the most out of your power generation strategy.

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Renewable Energy Options

Baker Renewable Energy offers solar power generation options for all type of facilities and customers.  Our clients include federal, state, and local governments, multi-national corporations, and smaller scale businesses.

Solar for Universities & Schools

Clean Energy Options for Schools

Educational districts from elementary schools to universities have been one of the leaders in alternative energy production and adoption.  Baker Renewable Energy has helped these groups achieve their clean energy goals.

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Government Solar Energy Systems

Solar Power for Government & Communities

Baker Renewable Energy has experience working with local, state and federal governments to implement clean energy production strategies to help control their energy costs and lead their communities in alternative energy production.

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Sustainable Energy for Homes

Building Clean Energy Producing Homes

Many home builders have taken the next step in sustainable building by offering their clients solar energy options for new home construction.  Offer your clients a clean energy production option today with no cost to you!

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