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  • ARC Knightdale, NC Solar Thermal System
  • Army Reserve Center Solar Thermal System
  • Solar Hot Water Collectors in Knightdale, NC
  • Army Reserve Center

Army Reserve Center

Baker Renewable Energy [Raleigh, NC], was chosen by the CopperTop/LEDCOR JV to provide a turnkey solar thermal system to offset energy demand from heating water. This system comprised of materials and components local to NC was installed atop a standing seam metal roof, coincidently, installed by Baker Roofing ( This carbon free system, will contribute energy savings for this facility for years to come. Baker Renewable Energy was proud to be involved in this project serving American soldiers.

Technology: Solar Thermal (12) SolarHOT Equinox Collectors, 800 Gallon Atmospheric Tank, Commercial SolVelox Heat Exchanger

  • Client Army Reserve Center
  • Date May 27, 2016
  • Tags Commercial Projects, Government Projects

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