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Solar Panels & Energy for Residential Homes

Rising energy costs equal great solar power incentives for homeowners

There has never been a better time then today to invest in solar panels and solar power for the home. The technology continues to improve and ‘early-adoption’ tax incentives are still active in many states. Pair that with the continued rise of traditional energy costs and it creates the perfect scenario so save on energy with at-home solar alternative production and green energy solutions like wind.

We are eager to provide solutions to high energy costs for our clients that are interested in reversing their utility bills. We provide a full line of services for residential customers that ranger from solar photovoltaic systems to operations and maintenance of older renewable energy systems. We understand the complexities of system integration that can affect your home and strive for a seamless installation and implementation for every system install.

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How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar Power & Solar Panels Made Easy

Baker Renewable Energy offers easy design, selection, and installation of solar panel services to our residential clients, eliminating the confusion and challenges of implementing long-term strategy of generating clean, sustainable solar and renewable energy to power your home. We specialize in solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal and wind power systems for the home and housing markets.

Renewable Energy Technologies Available

Baker Renewable Energy offers solar and wind power generation options for all type of residential homes.  Whether you are interested in a system to offset your hot water usage or a ground mount solar panel system to offset a substantial amount of energy usage – we have the technology you and professional installation team you need.


Solar Thermal Systems transfer the heat energy from the sun into a usable heat energy to offset your hot water system’s energy needs. A typical family of five can save 60% of the energy currently used to heat hot water with a properly installed Solar Thermal System.


Solar Photovoltaic Systems, convert the sun’s energy into usable power. PV Systems are most commonly connected to the home’s main panel to offset a percentage of usage throughout the year. A five kilowatt system can offset 50% of a typical home’s electricity usage per year.


Wind Energy Systems, Wind Turbines, convert the kinetic energy of wind power into electricity with a simple, proven motor design. Given an adequate wind resource and viable permitting, Wind Turbines can provide a tremendous annual energy savings for homeowners.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – See What Past Customers Thought of Their Experience With Baker Renewable Energy

Our team of solar professionals and installers is proud to have installed over 300,000 modules across the country for numerous commercial, government, and residential solar power systems. Browse our social profiles to see what our clients have to say about their experience with our company. Tap on the icons below to see our customer reviews on Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus, GuildQuality and Angie’s List.

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Residential Solar, Thermal & Wind Projects

Learn more about the residential solar installations and solar energy home solutions we have completed across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. We’re active in solar energy throughout these states and in the Charlotte, Raleigh, Wilmington, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Columbia, Charleston and Asheville areas, as well as many others.

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