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Baker Renewable Energy Providing Sustainable Wind and Solar Energy Systems in Roanoke, VA

Affordable renewable resource energy systems are available from Baker Renewable Energy in Roanoke, Va. By offering sustainable, alternative energy options like solar and wind systems, we can help you take advantage of the natural energy sources around you while lowering your electric bill.

Under the umbrella of Baker Roofing, a North Carolina company with a 100-year history, Baker Renewable Energy specializes in alternative energy solutions, installing a number of sustainable systems for both residential and commercial consumers. Our green energy technicians can assemble a number of alternative energy solutions.

The power of the sun can provide green energy for all kinds of homes and business in Roanoke. Baker Renewable Energy’s crystalline solar panels, also known as photovoltaics, can be placed on your home’s roof or other parts of your home. When paired with an inverter, these solar panels can convert raw energy from the sun into power for your home. These panels can also be paired with a special tank to keep water heated for showers, electric hot water heaters or a number of other uses.

Wind is another viable source of green energy for homes and business. Wind turbines are capable of producing energy ranging from 100 kilowatts to 400, depending on the size of the community wind settings or commercial wind farm.

Commit to Sustainable Energy for Your Roanoke Home or Business

Join the green energy movement today by investing in the variety of alternative energy systems from Baker Renewable Energy. Visit our testimonials page to see what past commercial and residential clients had to say, and then call our Roanoke office at 877-664-6961 to request a complimentary energy assessment.

Baker Renewable Energy implements sustainable energy systems for homes and businesses across the Southeast, including Roanoke, Norfolk, Asheville, Greensboro and Raleigh, NC, and other areas across the Southeast.

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