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Solar Panels Power & Wind Energy Solutions for Harrisonburg, VA

Save money and help the environment by investing in renewable energy resources systems from Baker Renewable Energy in Harrisonburg, Va. Local, state and/or federal tax incentives are available by participating in Baker Renewable Energy’s unique green energy system. Baker Renewable Energy is a division of Baker Roofing, a North Carolina company with more than 100 years of experience taking care of customers all over the Southeast by providing the finest equipment and service available.

Alternative energy resources have increased in popularity the last few years due to the savings that can be had on utilities bills. In addition, the multiple solar and wind power energy options available from Baker Renewable Energy in Harrisonburg lessen a home or business’ carbon footprint.

How can solar energy benefit your home or business? Solar panels and solar collectors can power electric hot water heaters, providing hot water for a shower in a home or hand sinks in a restaurants. Using Baker Renewable Energy’s crystalline panels, solar energy can run through your commercial building by coupling it with an inverter to run that energy right through your walls and light fixtures.

Wind gusts can provide an equally as powerful alternative energy source. Acting much like a pinwheel, wind turbines organize and condensing wind energy for your home or business. The result is a large energy savings that is safe for the environment.

Go green in Harrisonburg with the variety of alternative energy solutions available Baker Renewable Energy in Harrisonburg. Call our team today at 877-664-6961 to request and schedule your complimentary energy assessment.

Complete your green energy plan with Baker Renewable Energy, providing customized solutions to residential and commercial customers in Harrisonburg, Greensboro, Raleigh, Asheville, Wilmington and Charlotte, NC, as well as Myrtle Beach, Columbiaand Charleston, SC.

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